High mast lighting provides proper illumination for the large outdoor areas such as airport, highway, terminal, stadium, parking lot, seaport, shipping yard.
LED is a very common light source for these purpose because of its high energy efficiency, flexibility and durability. Besides, the best high mast lighting system
should have proper lux level, lighting uniformity and color temperature. Let’s explore how to select the best lighting for high mast poles and why should we
replace the metal halide, mercury vapor and HPS with LED lights.

LED High Mast Lighting Design

1. Power & Lux Level (Brightness) Calculation
The mounting height of the luminaries is at least 100 ft. To calculate the power of high mast tower lights required, we need to know the lighting requirement first.
In general, it takes approx. 300 to 500 lux for recreational sports field, and 50 to 200 lux for airport apron,
seaport and outdoor industrial areas.

For instance, if the lux level is 300 for a community football field, the lumen needed = 300 lux x 7140 sq. meter = 2142000 lm; hence, the estimated, minimum
power required = 15000W.The actual value increases with the height of mast. To get a more accurate and complete photometric analysis, please feel free to
contact our engineers at email sales@orealighting.com 

2. High Lighting Uniformity for Better Coverage

The best high mast lighting system should give illumination with high uniformity. It indicates the ratio between minimum to average, or minimum to maximum.
We can see the maximum lighting uniformity is 1. However, we can seldom achieve such the maximum value because of inevitable light scattering and
projection angle of the luminaries. Lighting uniformity of 0.7 is already exceptionally high because this is for professional stadium holding international
matches such as FIFA World Cup and Olympics.
For the parking lot, airport and seaport, 0.35 to 0.5 would be appropriate. Why do we need to have uniform illumination? It is because the uneven bright
& dim spots would cause eye fatigue, and it might be quite risky if some crucial areas are not bright enough. We provide you with free photometric lighting d
esign (DIALux or RELUX) according to the flood plan and lighting requirement, and thus you can always get the best lighting system for the high mast towers.

3. Anti-glare
Anti-glare lighting reduces the dazzling effect. This feature is especially important for road users. The blinding lights may increase the reaction time and
lead to disastrous consequence. Our LED lights are equipped with built-in anti-glare lens that reduce the glare up to 50%, which improve safety and user experience.

4. Solar Powered Mast Lighting
Besides, we can add the solar powered panel to high mast lighting, which convert daylight energy into electrical energy. Depending on the power of the LED lights, 
the fully charged battery can last for 3.5 to 5 hours, which saves energy and helps protect the environment.

5. Color Temperature
Yellow (~2700K) and white light (5500K) have their own advantage. Yellow light is more comfortable to see, which is beneficial for workers who are constantly exposed to 
the artificial lighting in the workplace. However, white light allows us to see the real color of the objects. Depending on your need and application, we will help select
the proper color temperature.

6. Avoid Light Pollution
Significant light scattering and reflection will cause light pollution and affect the neighboring residential areas. Our LED lights have premium optics 
and lighting design that reduce the light pollution in the greatest extent. The precise luminaries positioning and physical barn doors prevent the light 

beam from travelling to the unnecessary area.

Orea Flood High Mast Light Features
1.Cold forging high thermal conductivity 1070 aluminum optimal best dissipation effect. 
2. Meanwell Driver, Lumileds 3030 Chips. To ensure long lifetime and stable performance.
3. Module design, 200-1500W multi-Power optional, luminous efficiency could be 140LM/W.
4. Multi-optional optical lens, multi-optional beam angles: 10°/25°/45°/60°/90°
5.Save 80% more energy compared with traditional lighting fixtures
6. Instant ON/OFF, Waterproof rating IP66
7. Easy to install and use, secure and reliable