LED Explosion-Proof Light

1.UL844 (Class 1 division 2) ATEX IECEX (Zone 1 2) UL1598A certified2.Patented design with 20W up to 185W 3.IP68 protection IK09 robust design 4.Meanwell HLG Driver Bridgelux High Bright LEDs 5.Beam Angle 8°/15°/36°/60°/90°/120° optiona

UL844: Class I Division 2 Group A B C D
ATEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22
IECEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22
CNEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22

1. High Efficacy low decay 700MA LED chip
2. High heat transmit die cast housing ADC12 aluminum, patent design, IP68
3. Shock and vibration resistant tempered glass, super clear 95% light transmit rate
4. Anti-glare scientific optical reflector design, making the light comfortable for eyes
5. Original Bridgelux LED source, high luminous efficacy and long lifespan
6. MEANWELL HLG series driver, the highest level of MEANWELL driver
7. Surface treatment-powder painted, salt resistant and chemical resistant,
    also hard for dust to accumulate on the surface                                    
8. 2.0mm aluminum PCB with heat index 2.5, unsure Working temperature: -30ºC to 50ºC.
 Certification: ATEX, UL, CUL, DLC, PSE, SAA&C-TICK, CQC, CE, ROHS, IP68


1. Suitable for gas station, petroleum and chemical industries, mining site, military site,
    airport, warehouse, marine, oil platform, seaport, terminal, etc.
2. Zone1 & Zone2 gaseous environment, and Zone21 & Zone22 dust environment.
3. Class I Division 2 Group A, B, C, D 

Item No                                          Product Specification Certificate for Europe Certificate for US & Canada  
Rated Power Marking Size(mm) Beam
Certificate for Pacific
OL-EXP-200 185W Max 200W 400*400*185mm 120° IP68 ATEX/CE /ROHS UL/CUL/DLC/UL844 IECEX /CNEX
OL-EXP-100 100W Max 105W 300*300*175mm 120° IP68 ATEX/CE /ROHS UL/CUL/DLC/UL844 IECEX /CNEX
OL-EXP-40 40W Max 45W 200*200*270mm 120° IP68 ATEX/CE /ROHS UL/CUL/DLC/UL844 IECEX /CNEX

                                          LED Specification                                            Driver Specification  
Item No. LED QTY Lumen Lumen
CCT CRI Input V Input Current PF THD Type  
OL-EXP-200 156 pcs 21460 116Lm/w Cool White: 5700-6500K >70 AC100-277V 350mA >0.98 <10% HLG MEANWELL Driver with IP68 protective Aluminum Housing  
OL-EXP-100 84 pcs 1160 116Lm/w Natural White: 3700-4500K >70 AC100-277V 350mA >0.98 <10%  
OL-EXP-40 24pcs 4640 116Lm/w Warm White: 2700-3500K >70 AC100-277V 350mA >0.98 <10%