Slim series LED Flood Light

Ideal outdoor small area flood lighting solutionPatented designPure Aluminum housingIP66 waterproof10W-200W available Key commponents brands optional according to your budget

Slim series LED Flood Light


1.Patented private design, Pure Aluminum housing, smooth surface appearance
2.Lumileds Chips, unique fish-scale reflector, 3-5% brightness, efficacy up to 120LM/W
3.IP66 waterproof rating, physical waterproof design, double waterproof rubber ring.
4.Blue glass ring with unique appearance, specifically designed Laser LOGO position for OEM
5.Use steel mesh technology processing with thermal grease, makes the aluminum plate and
   the radiator fit more evenly & tightly, which ensure the heat can be dissipate rapidly.
6.VDE certified outdoor-use rubber wire ,50cm length, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant
7.Silicone gasket for welding position & junction, avoiding falling off and failure for oxidation
8.All screws are made of 304 stainless steel material and a rubber plug has been added on the
   screw hole, the screws is invisible and the whole lamp more elegant.
9.100W,150W,200W rebreather added, for better heat dissipation.
10.360°adjustable bracket easier for installation. 

Other options



     Power       10W       20W        30W        50W       100W       150W       200W
       CRI                                                                     ≥80  
       CCT                                                                 2000-7000K
       Chips                                                               LumiLEDs 3030
    LED QTY     12PCS      25PCS     40PCS      70PCS     140PCS     210PCS    280PCS
   Efficiency                                                                    >120 lm/w
   IP Rating                                                                        IP66 
   Working                                                                   -20~+50℃
 Beam Angle                                                                       120°
   Warranty                                                                     5 Years
   Material                                                               Alloy Aluminum

 325*275* 53